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A snapshot of life in Bristol Bay, AK

With boats being pulled on every tide and many fisherman already having headed home for the season, the grounds price was still a mystery until today… 

Icicle Seafoods posted $0.50 a pound for the sockeye grounds price in Bristol Bay and Deckboss is reporting AGS has posted the same. This is a big price drop from last year’s $1.20 per pound, but we were prepared for such news and the fishing season’s bills are paid despite being a bit of a disappointment. Meanwhile the boys are still bringing in some poundage over on the Eastside thanks to the Kvichak, so one can’t complain too much. 

We are still awaiting the chilling bonus to be annouced, holding out hope for that silver lining… 

It has been such a strange season this year with the run coming in late and the huge forecast we didn’t know what to expect but hey, that’s fishing. 

Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastry My daughter had never seen a commercial Pop Tart until two weeks ago when we were visiting a friend’s house for a breakfast playdate. Once handed this frosted, sprinkled ridden, store bought pastry of death she happily inhaled it while I cringed internally. Not that I am against pastries for breakfast, because if any girl loves pie and donuts in the morning it’s this gal, but I do have serious issues with all the crap in a Pop Tart – high fructose corn syrup, bleached flour, artificial flavorings, etc… it’s alright I know I’m neurotic but seriously, yuck!

Strawberry Jam Toaster Pastry

Now I am not a no fun mom. I indulge the kiddos in my house quite a fair amount, just instead of buying toaster pastries I make these homemade. They are an easy, big winning, alternative that I have full control over sugar content with. Especially if I make my filling homemade. Which for this post I did not do, sorry, but cut me some slack I am due to have a baby in less than 10 days people.

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My husband’s brother Dustin and his wife Alasha live on the Kenai Peninsula and, while I am somewhat patiently awaiting the arrival of Brito babe number 2, I have been having a wonderful visit at their place in Nikiski. Dustin is also a Bristol Bay fisherman who is out in the Bay for the summer while Alasha is home with their 5 year old son, Ronin.

Alasha is passionate about local food. Not only does she have a lovely garden, a flock of laying hens, another flock of meat birds, turkeys, and raised a crazy pig last summer but she is a coordinating member of the Kenai Local Foods Group, a group which is completely focused on bringing local foods to the plates of local people.
Chicken Rainbow Chard EnchiladasThe other night we roasted one of her chickens only to have a dinner that never was, mostly due to poor planning on my part… seriously no three year old can be served dinner at 9pm. Don’t worry though that chicken did not go to un-enjoyed, instead the next day it hit the oven as enchiladas with homemade red enchilada sauce and crisp rainbow chard straight from the garden. The carcass, veggies from the roast, and the rainbow chard stalks went into the crockpot in order to make some stock. Waste not. Want not.

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Rhubarb Blueberry Galette

It has been epically quiet here at Set the Net since we came back from our Iceland adventure last fall, to be fair life has been epically hectic for the Brito family in Bristol Bay. Bronson and I both started nursing school, employment remained a full time endeavor, and baby Brito #2 is due in only two weeks! That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about the blog and all the progress that has been halted and so I bring you this galette as a summer peace offering… Continue Reading


We have returned from Iceland, are back in the swing of daily living, school has begun, and I am already plotting our return to the magical island and it’s geothermal pools. I have so much to share, but haven’t even begun the daunting task of editing the thousand some odd photos we took so that will have to wait a bit longer…

In the mean time, yesterday was the day the rest of the country wonders why they don’t live in Alaska, and by that I mean the Permanent Fund Dividends were announced. This year they are a jaw dropping $1884. Some of our families automatically hits college savings, and this year a trip to my parents for Christmas is in order, but quite possibly one of these Nomad collapsible hot tubs could be on it’s way.


Have you seen these? I hadn’t until I stumbled across them this morning and found myself completely enamored. A hot pot that could go anywhere! Just imagine… after a day of hiking you set up camp by a rushing river or serine pond, you’re roasting marshmallows for s’mores while your pot is filling, and finally, enjoying the stars with a relaxing soak before climbing into your tent for the evening. The heating coil alone is pretty nifty as you could use wood, propane or natural gas to power it.


Breakfast Bruschetta

Yes, it’s a weekday. Yes, that is real butter on a hot breakfast. And no, I’m not even sorry. Everyone in the house devoured this and always does, including the two year old when it hit the table. Don’t get too angry with me for this, it is a fairly simple, delicious, wow worthy breakfast; wait until Saturday to make it if you must, but I dare you not to like it. Plus it has a fun name to boot!

Toad in the Hole, Eggs in the Basket, Birds in a Nest, whatever you prefer, this basic breakfast has so many names I can’t pretend to know them all but dress it up akin to Bruschetta, and it’s an instant favorite.

Excuse me while I digress for a moment, but have you ever seen the movie “V for Vendetta”? There is a scene where V’ serves Evey a piece of toast with an egg fried in the middle and she practically swoons across the floor at the real butter he used. It was hot breakfast, I find that is the way into most anyone’s heart. That and I implore you, unless you medically are unable, always use real butter. Be bold, take a cue from V’ plunder to obtain it if you must, but always use real butter. Now, combine that thought with the scene from the movie “Julie and Julia” where Julie’s husband Eric devours her Bruschetta in the first food scene of the film, he is like a rabid starving animal. Combine the two film feasts together (yes, I know I am referring to movies over 5 years old but some things stick…) and I think we have a winner people…

To make Toad in the Hole Basil Bruschetta you’ll need:

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