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A snapshot of life in Bristol Bay, AK

Breakfast Bruschetta

Yes, it’s a weekday. Yes, that is real butter on a hot breakfast. And no, I’m not even sorry. Everyone in the house devoured this and always does, including the two year old when it hit the table. Don’t get too angry with me for this, it is a fairly simple, delicious, wow worthy breakfast; wait until Saturday to make it if you must, but I dare you not to like it. Plus it has a fun name to boot!

Toad in the Hole, Eggs in the Basket, Birds in a Nest, whatever you prefer, this basic breakfast has so many names I can’t pretend to know them all but dress it up akin to Bruschetta, and it’s an instant favorite.

Excuse me while I digress for a moment, but have you ever seen the movie “V for Vendetta”? There is a scene where V’ serves Evey a piece of toast with an egg fried in the middle and she practically swoons across the floor at the real butter he used. It was hot breakfast, I find that is the way into most anyone’s heart. That and I implore you, unless you medically are unable, always use real butter. Be bold, take a cue from V’ plunder to obtain it if you must, but always use real butter. Now, combine that thought with the scene from the movie “Julie and Julia” where Julie’s husband Eric devours her Bruschetta in the first food scene of the film, he is like a rabid starving animal. Combine the two film feasts together (yes, I know I am referring to movies over 5 years old but some things stick…) and I think we have a winner people…

To make Toad in the Hole Basil Bruschetta you’ll need:

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Bea and Auntie T' picking pinks

Bea, Ethan and I just got home from a long weekend at fish camp on Ekuk Beach. Well Bea and I did, Ethan had been there nearly a week and a half that lucky boy! My sister in law and her family have spent generations commercial set net fishing off Ekuk Beach for salmon. They have created a really lovely lifestyle there raising families to work and play hard, and every summer they let us wrap ourselves into the scene for at least few days.

Rhubarb Salmon Berry Pie

Each tide they go down the beach to pull the net and we try to be helpful, fun guests… I’ve learned a pie is never frowned upon, especially a fresh rhubarb salmon berry pie hot from the oven, and neither is a two year old eagerly hauling pink salmon to the truck!

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Gravlax, lox, deliciously light dill infused salmon, whatever you want to call it… Served up with cream cheese on crisp flat bread, bagels, or thin sliced pumpernickel, it’s lovely for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, need I go on…

This thin sliced, cured, red gold is so easy to prepare there is no reason you shouldn’t be making this at home! Continue Reading

Quinoa Tabbouleh

It was an incredibly hot evening last night in Bristol Bay. I know some of you are eye rolling while you read this, thinking honey you live in Alaska, but it was 79 degrees at dinner time! A scorcher as far as I am concerned, and while I was hungry, cooking was the last task I wanted to do.

But somehow this tabbouleh always seems to fit on those types of few and far between days. It is light, nutty, citrusy, and packed with crisp fresh flavors. Just the thing for sticky summer nights when you still have to feed everyone at least something… for crying out loud! Continue Reading

Thyme frozen in olive oil


The local farmers market has been booming this year, offering giant zucchini, bags of fresh snow peas, pumpkin flowers, rainbow chard, kale, rhubarb stalks as long as my arm, and bunches and bunches of fresh herbs. It’s lovely, I feel like a hoarder every time I go bringing back enough for the week but even more to store up. Our year round produce options living in rural Alaska tend to be a bit limited and not having access to fresh herbs is year round is something I still grapple with. Anytime someone comes out for a visit and they ask if they can bring something 9 times out of 10 we ask for produce, otherwise its wine! The liquor store is a whole other disappointment we won’t get into here…

Back to those bunches and bunches of herbs, did you know you can freeze fresh herbs in oil olive? It’s such a simple yet wonderful way to keep herbs not only fresh tasting but maintain their greenery. I of course discovered this on PinterestContinue Reading


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