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fullsizeoutput_1c4cThis halibut is a one pan, 30 minute, creamy dream. I have meant to blog this recipe since the inception of Set the Net but darn it photographing white food is tricky for me at best and I wanted to do a half way decent job at selling this meal with photos.

Parmesan Cream Halibut If you are a reluctant fish purchaser, take home fisherman, or home cook for fear of the dreaded dry fish dish or “fish smell” this recipe is a great place to start. Your home will smell amazing while it is cooking and the moisture content of this dish is top notch. It is a great dinner party  or weeknight meal as it comes together in 10 minutes and is done in 30, serve it up with a salad and you have a delectable, decadent meal.

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Cauliflower + Tahini Sauce A vegetable that steals the whole show is where I wanted to end up with this post, and goodness this whole roasted cauliflower and creamy sauce does it.

Cauliflower + Tahini Sauce Nutty, toasted, light and sweet this cauliflower is a star brushed with toasted sesame oil and roasted brown. It is stunning placed on the table whole and quartered for serving. Add the versatile tahini lime sauce for dredging and you are all set.  Continue reading

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