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By now, I am sure most everyone has heard of the devastation Typhoon Haiyan has brought to the Philippines and as someone who relies on fishing to make my livelihood, my thoughts have turned to considering the fishermen in the Philippines, whose boats have been destroyed and loved ones lost. How will they make their lives whole and productive once again. Where would one begin?


With this in mind I began searching and came across the below list of aid resources and found how someone on the other side of the world could make a difference,

Google Person Finder – This isn’t a place to donate, but Google has established a page to help people find their loved ones.CARE – This organization specializes in creating CARE packages to the survivors of natural disasters. They have a special page for Typhoon Haiyan.

Oxfam – Oxfam works toward ending poverty and injustice through community outreach. They are accepting donations to help deploy water and sanitation materials to the survivors.

International Medical Corps – IMC’s mission is to send aid in the form of vital healthcare services.

ChildFund International – This organization focuses on aiding the children in areas suffering from devastation. Furthermore, they’re offering pretty frequent updates on specific areas affected. You can read them here.

Catholic Relief Services – They are providing emergency shelter, blankets, kitchen items, portable water, toilets and so much more.

Habitat for Humanity – We are all very familiar with this organization. On this Typhoon Haiyan page you can see how much has been donated, how many houses that equals, and how much is still needed.

GlobalMedic – This Canadian organization responds with a rescue unit, water purification and emergency medical relief.

Philippine Red Cross – Not only can you donate here, but you can follow the news of how the relief efforts are going.

American Red Cross – We all know them. They give food, supplies and blood to people in need. They are working with the Philippine chapter to get survivors all the help they need.

UNICEF – Y’all remember carrying those little orange boxes and trick or treating for UNICEF? I do. Now they need more than some pennies from your neighbors. There are up to 4 million children affected by this typhoon and UNICEF is working hard to bring them some help.

World Food Program – This effort is specifically designed to bring food to the victims.

Save the Children – I shouldn’t have to explain this one. Just help save the children.

World Vision – This organization also establishes child-friendly spaces and they stick around for longer than the initial emergency response time to see the area through to stability.

Operation USA – OPUSA is collecting for relief efforts and funding for grant distribution to local agencies.

National Alliance for Filipino Concerns – NAFCON is completely dedicated to helping with natural disasters in the Philippines. This area is hit multiple times a year and can always use our help.

List curtesy of this blog. Thank you Mackenzie Ames for compiling this resource.

Photo found on NPR.

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