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I have a mothering confession, I am a overly anxious Mama who had not left her almost 20 mos. old daughter overnight until this previous Thursday. I knuckled down and thought hey what’s one night right, she and I will live. Ok… it may have been a decision I was pushed too, both by my husband and my job but I’ll own it. I suppose.

Of course this is Bristol Bay in winter…. and I got weathered in until Saturday afternoon in King Salmon/Naknek!

Luckily I stayed at the Alaska Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge.

I must say there are worse places to be stuck, I ate Prime Rib at D&D’s, drank wine with some good people and looked at this amazing view when I woke up each morning:Image

Not too shabby…

I also found my new knitting project while spending a ton of few hours on Ravelry and Pinterest…Behold the Owl Hat…


Pattern can be found here.

Before you get too ahead of yourself thinking – wow she’s fast! This is how far along I am….


I just cast on, isn’t that yarn amazing?

I bought it on my last trip to Juneau, in this cute yarn shop called Seaside Yarns.

It’s hand dyed Merino Cashmere made by ~A Tree Hugger’s Wife~ A Juneau, Alaska Yarn Company!

Stay tuned, I will post a picture when I’m finished making it up.

3 thoughts on “Weathered in, Knitting pin!

  1. RobotDancing says:

    That yarn is lovely, I am looking forward to seeing the owl hat when it is finished 🙂

    1. SusieBrito says:

      All done now! I think it turned out really nice!

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