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We are currently building our very own tiny house here in Bristol Bay.

When all is said and done it will be just under 400 sq. ft.

(Another 200 sq. ft. addition is planned for next fall, to include a mud room, loft and bathroom, but until then this is it!)

This project began last spring when we began purchasing the two acres of land on which our cabin now sits. The lot came with an already built 12×16 ft. shed, a topsoiled garden area, a well and septic, the power run and a very substantial gravel pad and driveway.

All we needed was a home to live in.

Which is where our story really starts, while tooling around on Craigslist one afternoon I came across a cabin kit by Coast Cabins. It was used in a few Home Shows and selling for an amazing price. But…it was in Washington. After pricing out getting it to Dillingham on the spring barge….lets just say, I began to lose hope.

My husband made a few calls and with a bit of arm twisting we received FREE SHIPPING from our processor (the company who buys our salmon while fishing)!

Shipping pro-bono completely sweetened the deal and we could not pass it up!

So one crazy Uhaul run [by a wonderful friend, who I know owe my next child] from Snohomish to Bellingham, WA, accompanied by a few feats of strength and our house was on it’s way North aboard the Aleutian Express.

It arrived in late June where I unloaded it at the city dock (with the help of a poorly underpaid neighbor boy, with baby waiting in the truck) mid-fishing season and moved it to our property.

And there it sat…. until now!!!

I know building in November is not ideal, spare me the lecture and let me experience my joy! OK?

It obviously, is a work in progress, but I am too excited to not share these pictures.

Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to moving in!

3 thoughts on “Our Tiny House – Under Construction

  1. Teri says:

    These types of homes are getting very popular with the new generation! I hope you LOVE the outdoors, because 400 sq. ft will get close after awhile! But I think it’s wonderful, absolutely mah-ve-lous!!!!

    1. SusieBrito says:

      Thanks Teri! We certainly all be in close quarters, but our hope is we will live small and travel big! That and luckily everyone owns good snow gear in our family!

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