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Recipes and snapshots of life in Bristol Bay, AK

brown paper packages

When one lives in rural Alaska, one must plan a bit further ahead for holidays, birthdays, and celebrations due to relatively sparse retail options….as a result with my 29th birthdate coming up next month, my ever so thoughtful husband has requested a wish list. Which I think this year, despite being admittedly far fetched at times, is pretty appealing.

Am I too old to get excited at the thought of a few brown paper packages tied up with string? If not….at the risk of being kitsch, here are a few of my favorite things…

A stock pot to out stock all stock pots, in a fabulous orange color to boot, 12 quart please.

…One pair of seriously kitchen work wearable overalls.

…Some sea worthy leggings and their mates.

…The smell of fresh tailored leather, worth every penny I’d wager.

…A stately hen house for our incubating brood.

…Perhaps an alchemy request for this quaint shop.

…A trip to a fairy tale, any story will do.

…Several coats of a little barely there glamour.

…And last but certainly not least, to bathe in a tub of the ocean’s bounty on a wee fair Isle.

Too much….?

……photo lifted from coffee stained cashmere


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