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Recipes and snapshots of life in Bristol Bay, AK

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a renowned Alaska photographer who has captured some seriously incredible shots of commercial fishermen in action. That being said, it is our luck Miller is here in Bristol Bay fishing, as he is most every summer, but this time he will be documenting and posting a photo online everyday thanks to the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association or BBRSDA.

The project aims to show the fleet in action and help to promote Alaska Wild Salmon world wide, specifically Bristol Bay sockeye.  Bristol Bay is home to the worlds largest wild sockeye fishery, with hardworking real people behind it; who care about quality and bringing the world’s best wild salmon to your door.

I know this, because as you know, our family lives and fishes the Bay!

Miller’s daily photos will be uploaded to a gallery that you can find at

You can also hear a great story about Miller from KDLG our local public radio station.


This is my favorite photo uploaded so far. It was taken in Egegik, but milk here in Dillingham is almost the same price, and our gas is up to $7.29 a gallon! Life in the Bay may be expensive but it’s worth every penny!

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