Set the Net

Recipes and snapshots of life in Bristol Bay, AK

This clip was too cool not to share, it’s from Chris Miller’s BBRSDA‘s project bringing the web a photo a day from the Bristol Bay fishing grounds that you can find by following this link!

The 2014 season for Sockeye is really winding down here in Bristol Bay, but Bronson and my brother Ian are still scratching it out over in Egegik, meanwhile every fisherman is on the edge of their seats awaiting the grounds price to be announced. After last year’s price of $1.50 a lb and the preseason frenzy of speculating on this years price, the Bay is bracing for disappointment due to a large Russian Sockeye returns, the bumper return forecasted for Canada’s Fraizer River,  not to mention the nearly 10 million fish larger return than forecasted that hit Bristol Bay. But fear not, the outcome really isn’t as bleak as all that, Alaska Wild Salmon’s marketing power is growing and Bristol Bay has a fishery to be proud of, whatever the price we will just continue laying out the net.

Once Sockeye fishing wraps up, its a Pink year here in the Bristol Bay, they come every three seasons in large returns so fishing is destined to last through early August for salmon this year.

Here’s a shot of Bronson from the 2013 season onboard the F/V Sea Breeze.

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