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Gravlax, lox, deliciously light dill infused salmon, whatever you want to call it… Served up with cream cheese on crisp flat bread, bagels, or thin sliced pumpernickel, it’s lovely for breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, need I go on…

This thin sliced, cured, red gold is so easy to prepare there is no reason you shouldn’t be making this at home!

To make Gravlax you’ll need:

Sockeye Fillet

A boneless, skin on, wild caught sockeye salmon fillet, roughly 1 1/2 lbs. cut into two relatively equal pieces

(Tip: if the fillet’s pin bones are still in when beginning the process, leave them until just before slicing your cured fillet as the flesh will be firmer after curing)

A dry rub mix of 2 Tbsp. salt, 4 tsp. sugar, and  lots of freshly ground pepper

Several handfuls of fresh dill

To Prepare:

Rub the fillets liberally on both sides, skin and flesh, with the salt, sugar, and pepper mix. In a shallow dish cover the bottom with fresh dill, lay the first fillet piece on top with the skin side down. Top with more sprigs of dill and lay the second fillet piece on in so the skin is up and the two fillet piece’s flesh sides are pressed together. Cover the top with more dill, wrap in plastic wrap, place a second dish or plate on top of salmon fillets and weigh it down with a few jars or cans.

Place into fridge and allow to cure for 36-48 hours. Remove fillets from pan, discard dill, (remove pin bones if remaining) and slice as thin as you can manage. This seems to be best accomplished with a sharp fillet knife and surgeon precision. Or if you’re more like me, whatever stability you can swing is fine!

Salmon Rub for Gravlax

Salmon and Dill for Gravlax

GravlaxServe on crackers, bagels, pita or rye bread with cream cheese, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, or more fresh dill. Really the possibilities abound.

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