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We have returned from Iceland, are back in the swing of daily living, school has begun, and I am already plotting our return to the magical island and it’s geothermal pools. I have so much to share, but haven’t even begun the daunting task of editing the thousand some odd photos we took so that will have to wait a bit longer…

In the mean time, yesterday was the day the rest of the country wonders why they don’t live in Alaska, and by that I mean the Permanent Fund Dividends were announced. This year they are a jaw dropping $1884. Some of our families automatically hits college savings, and this year a trip to my parents for Christmas is in order, but quite possibly one of these Nomad collapsible hot tubs could be on it’s way.


Have you seen these? I hadn’t until I stumbled across them this morning and found myself completely enamored. A hot pot that could go anywhere! Just imagine… after a day of hiking you set up camp by a rushing river or serine pond, you’re roasting marshmallows for s’mores while your pot is filling, and finally, enjoying the stars with a relaxing soak before climbing into your tent for the evening. The heating coil alone is pretty nifty as you could use wood, propane or natural gas to power it.


2 thoughts on “A packable hot pot… oh yes please

  1. that. looks. amazing.

    1. SusieBrito says:

      Wildly impractical but looks totally amazing! If for nothing else other than the copper coil set up around the fire to heat the water!

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