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Recipes and snapshots of life in Bristol Bay, AK


It is no secret around Set the Net that salmon plays an integral role in our livelihood. We eat Bristol Bay wild Alaskan salmon 8-12 times a week from dinners, to snack-times, breakfasts, and in lunch boxes. Salmon was both of our daughter’s first food. But it’s not just the eating of the salmon that makes it important to us, it is the lifestyle that swims along with it.


Bronson is a third generation Bristol Bay commercial fisherman. With his Grandfather Jim fishing the Bay long before his own children were born. Bronson’s parent’s met when his father, a migrant farmer from Washington, came to the Bay to deckhand for his mother’s uncle. Bronson and his brother’s grew up with their summers spent on deck and Bronson began running his own boat at only sixteen. We met over herring roe, but our love grew over salmon.


I have also spent time as a deckhand in the Bristol Bay commercial fishery, worked for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game in various salmon related field projects and office gigs, with the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation in their Fisheries Department, and have advocated to the Alaska Board of Fisheries. I am passionate about protecting our region’s greatest resource from outside threats such as mining and off shore drilling, as well as seeing the fishery prosecuted in an equitable manner for all user groups.


Most of my time these days is spent putting up our subsistence catch, doing net work, and teaching my children how to be appreciative of the bounty this region provides us with.

Today is Alaska Wild Salmon Day. A day to be proud of our state’s greatest fish. Alaska is the world’s largest contributor of wild salmon. It is abundant, delicious, sustainable, and wonderful. In honor of this day I give you a roundup of some of my favorite fishy things…

Apayo Moore of Apayo Art is a Bristol Bay artist who shows her salmon love often in her pieces that are as she says Inspired by Bristol Bay

I could basically own every item of clothing from the Salmon Sisters and fill my house with their awesome art!

Salmonfest is a party not to be missed!

During the summer I get all my local salmon news from the KDLG Bristol Bay Fisheries Report!

For eating salmon these recipes are look great: Blueberry Cured Red Salmon; Salmon Souvlaki Bowls; Slow Roasted Curried Salmon with Corn and Tomato

And these are salmon recipe staples in our house: Parmesan Pesto Salmon Buns; Gravlax; Zucchini Salmon Tart; Home Canned Salmon; Ikura

Tonight I plan on making Bristol Bay style pirok or kulebyaka which is basically salmon pie, I hope to have that recipe up on the blog by this weekend!  And I can almost guarantee I will be listening to Hobo Jim singing about fishing while I do it.

I keep up on protecting our salmon resources by following the actions United Tribes of Bristol Bay; Salmon Beyond Borders; The Nature Conservancy  & Cook Inlet Keeper to name a few!

I love the @bristolbaysockeyesalmon and the @aksalmonsisters Instagram accounts, you can follow my adventures too with the handle @susie_brito

How do you show your salmon love?


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