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Citrus Maple Salmon Landscape 3.JPGJust when I think the darkness of winter will never lift, the daylight begins to grow longer and citrus season is here. I couldn’t believe it when these gorgeous clementines showed up in our small rural grocery store. I had to buy them – and buy them all I did. It’s the little things.

The clementine is a hybrid between the mandarin orange and the sweet orange, and they tend to be deliciously juicy. This allows them to lend themselves nicely in creating glazes ands sauces. I am also just enamored with the longevity in which the leaves and stems remain green despite sitting the fruit bowl for days. A pop of the promise of summer in mid-winter is always welcome.

Citrus Maple SalmonThe clementine’s vibrancy and the sockeye’s robust flavor pair together so nicely in this simple dish that is driven home with a hint of maple, garlic and ginger for savor. This dish is certain to win over even the most reluctant salmon cook and eater alike. Baked in the oven low and slow, it is a no fuss, moist delicious sockeye salmon dish.  Continue reading

Apple Cider Pecan Sticky BunsLast year I embarked on an epic quest to create a recipe that truly embodies fall. That crisp feeling in the air, thick wool sweaters, the call for hot steaming mugs of cider, temperatures begging for the wood stove to be stoked, and warm baked goodies. I have always loved the Two Sisters Bakery in Homer and, without a doubt, my favorite is their pecan sticky buns, fresh from the oven. For years now I have tweaked recipes trying to encapsulate the exact texture of bun I wanted with the right pecan sticky sauce ratio. I knew the moment I stumbled upon an apple cider caramel that the two had to be combined.

Apple Cider Pecan Sticky Buns

Apple cider in its true sense is a non-pasteurized, unfiltered, fresh pressed apple juice that can be warmed and spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves or what have you. It is the epitome of fall flavor and when boiled down to a wisp of thick syrup, its flavor only intensifies. This is the base for the perfect apple cider sticky bun sauce and I wanted to use Alaska apples to create it. Continue reading

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