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Recipes and snapshots of life in Bristol Bay, AK

Halibut Ceviche Some things just taste like a party, this halibut ceviche is one of them. It’s fresh and bold filled with Wild Alaska Halibut, minced veggies, the tang of lime and heat of jalapeño, serve it up with a cold drink, chips and a crowd and you can’t go wrong.

Halibut Ceviche The first time I ever tried ceviche was at my In-Laws, my father-in-law Manuel makes the best ceviche I have ever eaten. I swear even with the same ingredients I can never get an exact replica, it has to have something to do with the chopping, the stirring, and maybe, just maybe, the feeling that goes into the dish… That being said this ceviche is a close second that will not disappoint and with the halibut showing up on the docks in Bristol Bay there is no time like the present to give it a try. Continue reading

Creamy Dill Salmon TurnoversYesterday the first delivery of longline halibut hit our city dock, Bronson began tearing apart the Hynautic’s to replace their gaskets, and I hung net.

Hanging Nets.jpgMy friend Sarah Grace is a freelance photographer who is working a project documenting net work by residents here in Dillingham this spring. Her recent Instagram post of a local elder just makes my heart so proud and I can’t wait to see more as the project progresses! Last night she swung by while I was working, snapped a few photos of me hanging a lead line for one of our gillnets, and graciously said I could share them here.

Hanging the Lead Line.jpgThe light was perfect in our net locker and I just love how she captured one of my favorite spring fishing tasks. Our crew is slated to arrive at the end of this month, among net work and boat projects, they plan to build new bunks in our work shed and complete a few other creature comforts that have been neglected in years past. I am excited to have our yard bustling again and to see faces of friends who are dear to my heart arrive back in the Bay. I am eagerly anticipating tired hands, preseason night time mountain summits, and the big meals I know I will make.

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